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Shattering Stereotypes: How media portrayals of Africa perpetuate racist narratives

Media portrayals of Africa often perpetuate racist narratives.

Crossing the Line

Stephen Ward was a war correspondent covering the unrest in Croatia in the 90s. After a combatant, he was in a small village that had ruthlessly “ethnically cleansed” the area, leaving devastation behind.

System Change, Not Climate Change

The novel coronavirus put the world to a halt, but activists across Canada are demanding that government officials invest in a sustainable future before it is too late.

Turning the Page: A New Chapter in Canlit

Two organizations band together to help diverse communities in the CanLit industry.

Changing the Narrative

It was May 25, 2020 when a police officer, Derek Chauvin knelt over the neck of George Floyd suffocating him to death, disregarding his plea for life. The police officer ignored his every word especially Geroge Floyd saying “I can’t breathe.” Floyd died that very day.

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