Letter from the Dean

In our school we believe in creating environments where students, faculty and industry partners can work together in developing experiences that set our students up for successful careers. That’s the philosophy behind the “Live Lab” concept: a place to experiment, play, create and innovate with a purpose, the purpose of forming professionals empowered to make positive contributions to their chosen field. Convergence magazine is a physical manifestation of this concept and its purpose.

The newsroom where Convergence is conceptualized and developed, perhaps one of our original Live Labs, is at the core of our journalism programs. It’s a place where professionalism, experience, creativity and innovation meet. You can feel its maturity in the way it works like a well-oiled machine; but at the same time, its vibrant and lively atmosphere feels young, curious and innovative. It’s refreshing to see how a new generation of journalists thrive in this environment and are able to create journalistic work that informs, entertains, educates and challenges our assumptions on a variety of relevant topics that impact our daily lives.

Once again our talented team of writers and reporters have put together an exciting compilation of stories that will engage you from start to finish. In a historic moment where there are many questions about the future of journalism, this edition of Convergence magazine only reaffirms that strong and compelling, but also honest, accurate and trustworthy storytelling are essential components of the bright future our school envisions for journalism.


Dean, School of Media Studies
& Information Technology

Guillermo Acosta