Saturday 25th February 2017,
M World
  • The Magazine Lady

    A nostalgic look at magazine drives and how they continue to be a success in Canadian schools By Erinn Kenney Weren’t school assemblies great when you were younger? What a welcome distraction from the day-to-day of the classroom. Sitting there trying to understand your teacher,

  • The Intern

    Industry experts give us a look into the world of interning By Adam Kozak At Rogers Publishing, you can smell success. Some of the best-selling Canadian magazines run within these walls: Chatelaine, MacLean’s, Flare, and Sportsnet magazine. On the 11th floor, one of the secrets

  • The Many Faces of Canadian Magazines

    A look into the magazine world  of a country that is made up of many cultures by Gurpreet Mann Canada is a multicultural nation, made up of little pieces of home brought from abroad. In many of these communities, magazines have been produced. Niche magazines are

  • The New Look

    Redesign is a scary, but sometimes necessary step in running a successful magazine by Olivia Roger The front door of the house opens into a den covered in leopard print wallpaper and orange shag carpeting. Into the bathroom, sore eyes are presented with floral trim,

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How online subscriptions impact Canadian magazines By Brian O’Neill It’s morning. A concentrated ray of sunlight beams through the bedroom window and awakens sleepy eyes. Groggy feet carry the still lifeless body at a snail’s [...]

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Spacing builds a brand with innovative city-themed merchandise by Espe Currie As media in Canada adapt to accommodate the last decade’s advances in technology, Spacing magazine’s staff is using old-fashioned local engagement and entrepreneurial merchandising [...]

The children’s magazine publishers are finding ways to keep up with the changing media landscape By Caroline Brown Ten year old Abby sits on the couch in her living room engrossed in her iPod touch. In [...]