Message From The Editor

Technology can seem like a rigid field – just black and white. For Scribe 2016, we set out to explore these grey areas that exist between the ones and zeros.
Its ubiquitous nature has something to offer each of us. Past this page you will see an all-encompassing representation of technology that merges old passions with new opportunities.
We’re at the cusp of a paradigm shift. No child born after today will know the world without virtual reality, and they may never even know the primary function of a phone. We’re far too reliant on our tech to turn back now.
Technology does mean motherboards and robots, but when we had our first staff meeting in January, what we heard was different. From the writers came words like fashion, innovation, arts and entertainment and communication. This gave us the framework to tell the stories worth telling.

People from all walks of life shared their knowledge and experience with Scribe; our sources span the globe. We heard from experts in California, researchers in India and a Platinum certified music producer from right here in the Greater Toronto Area.

Perhaps we are approaching the apex of humanity and technology will always have a crucial role to play in how society functions and interacts. We are the keepers of technology and we ultimately decide what the future will look like.