A photo of Druv Sareen, the Editor and Chief

I started growing my beard the day I found out I was editor-in-chief. The sweet release of a no-longer itchy beard was supposed to push me towards not crying at every pushed back deadline and snowstorm.

Now that the magazine is out, I’m not sure I still want to shave.

This magazine process was difficult, and trying. I have never had so many snow days in an academic year and, of course, they all came on magazine day. ere were many times I wanted to shave my beard, give up on the magazine and transfer programs to something a little less stressful.

And then we started getting the drafts back.

For many of us, this magazine is the first time we’ve had creative control. All the stories were chosen by us, edited by us and fueled by our drive to put out a good magazine. We were able to tell the stories we wanted to tell, with no forced Humber angles.

Scribe is the magazine we made to tell the stories we wanted to share.

Our magazine is an ensemble of four loosely defined sections, but each story represents the passion the writer put into the piece.

I have a hard time highlighting the pieces you should read first because there’s so much to choose from. The stories are as diverse and eclectic as the people who wrote them. ere’s something for everyone. From pieces about the growing subscription culture, to true crime podcasts, to the power of fandoms, we’re con dent there is something to catch your interest.

at’s why I don’t want to shave. I am incredibly proud of this magazine and all the work our writers, designers, editors and photographers (all the same people wearing different creative hats depending on the day) .

Maybe my shaggy unkempt face will serve as a reminder of this labour of love.

I guess I could always just keep a copy for myself.