A photo of Emily Wilson, Editor in Chief

What a year.

I write this letter from my couch, as I distance myself amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

I can’t tell you enough of the ups and downs of making this magazine a reality. This collection of work comes from our homes as we self-isolate from friends and family. It has been interesting working apart from each other and working over video chats and emails, but we present this magazine as the hard work and perseverance of who we are as journalists.

It seems we live in an uncertain world these days. The year has taken us through drastic climate changes including the months-long fires in Australia, a plane crashed in Iran and caused many to panic of a possible war, railway blockades to protect vulnerable Indigenous communities, and now a virus has infected hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. 2020 is clearly not off to a good start.

To lighten the mood, this year’s issue of Scribe is dedicated to our youth. Those whose futures hold the ability to spark change; young women who will fight for the female voice and people of colour and minorities who will gain visibility and representation. This is what you will read throughout these pages.

There are stories from a diverse group of individuals with diverse, innovative ideas. We have prepared content to help you ready for the next stage of your life and entertainment to keep you going.

I hope you take away from this magazine as much as I did in the process of its creation. It was difficult, but we did it and I am so incredibly proud of our team.