Scribe magazine’s mission is to be the voice of technology catering to the GTA’s Generation-Y. Providing insight into the digital world, Scribe will inform our readers on the tech that affects them in all areas of their lives, from mental health and health advancements to work and culture. Through our print edition and multimedia online we’re aimed at keeping tuned to the challenges that one of the most tech-savvy generations faces moving forward towards a rapidly progressing future. We will explore more than just these innovations and how they impact the way we live, socialize, interact with our city and plan for our futures.



Finding out that our team was going to be covering technology and innovation initially lead to some skepticism. Not many of us considered ourselves to be tech-heads beyond knowing about what we used in our everyday lives and as apart of our studies. Luckily, we were all up to the challenge and when the pitch meetings began, we all had a chance to cover topics that our writers had a deep interest in. And this is exactly what this issue of Scribe is all about. It doesn’t matter that one has seemingly vastly different interests than another, all lives are influenced, for better or for worse, by the ever expanding horizons of technological innovation and development. The era we live in now is where tech once sat on a far away pedestal and has come down to the masses. Drones were once something out of a sci-fi movie that only the military used, but now they have found their way to the homes of thousands of hobby enthusiasts. The concept of live broadcasting was once only possible by large networks and it can now be done with the flick of the thumb on our smart phones. Something even as private as how we love one another is starting to change. What we’re seeing today stretches much farther than simply leisure activities. Platforms, such as, social media have become so widespread that they impact how people are getting jobs and are planning for their futures. It has impacted our physical health and how we eat. Even our history as urban Canadians is inseparable from the technological innovations that came from those before us. What the team and I have found since we began working on this issue of Scribe is that it does not matter what filter or lens we use to see this world, at the heart of every innovation is the human mind. Although the tools we use are changing every day, we are using them to connect with each other and navigating what it means to be alive today.


Brett McGarry
Editor in Chief