An introduction to downtown Brampton


Imagine a place that encompasses romanesque style buildings merging with the architecture of the modern day.

From the Starbucks café clock tower motif to the garden square’s large screen, where the community occasionally gathers to watch movies, downtown Brampton is an intriguing blend of old and modern values.

Often dwarfed by Toronto, which is only a 36-minute drive away, downtown Brampton has a separate feel. While most cities undergo frequent ongoing development to stay modern, Brampton has tried to maintain its classic look until recently. The buildings are often tall leading up to pointed roofs. On most streets there is a church of denominations varying as much as the people who live there, which is a lot for a very multicultural city.

According to the City of Brampton website, the city was founded in 1853 by farmers. From humble beginnings, this city has changed a lot over the last century.

Amanda Goonoo, is a 20-year-old Brampton-native, who was born and raised there. She’s had her fair share of great Brampton memories. She recalls the bustling farmers market as a child and the late-night summer runs just loitering with friends in her teen years through the city.

“Downtown Brampton is walking distance from my house so, before I could drive, I would spend my summers there.” 

Goonoo says she’s interested in visiting the House of Cards Board Game Café, an exciting new establishment on Queen Street. HoC is a board game café  where one can enjoy a cup o’ joe while playing a few rounds of Monopoly or Taboo. Although cafés like this exist all over Toronto, House of Cards is the first of its kind in downtown Brampton, bringing something new and refreshing to the city. 

HOC hosts $3 Tuesday, charging only $3 instead of the usual $5 for all day board game access.

After a game or two of Snakes and Ladders, one might want dessert. Across the street, Macaronz has tons of pastries with flavours from mocha to vanilla, which are regularly available for walk-in customers and several others that are available for advance order. This bakery is a dessert shop in downtown Brampton’s bridal district, opened in 2011 by Humber College graduate Zanda Rodriguez. 

With a belly full of sweet treats from Macaronz, move on to feeling inspired at the Peel Art Gallery, an art museum and gallery that offers drop-in and registered art classes. They host half-hour tours of the artifacts and paintings. No registration is required but they request that interested people call ahead.

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