An introduction to downtown Brampton

BY: O’NIEL BLAIR Imagine a place that encompasses romanesque style buildings merging with the architecture of the modern day. From the Starbucks café clock tower motif to the garden square’s large screen, where the community occasionally gathers to watch movies, downtown Brampton is an intriguing blend of old and modern values. Often dwarfed by Toronto, which is only a 36-minute drive away, downtown Brampton has … Continue reading An introduction to downtown Brampton

‘TREK’-ing to Hollywood North: Why filmmakers love Toronto

BY: DANIEL CAUDLE It’s not often that someone is introduced to a career that they fall in love with for the rest of their life. For Chris Gorys, this was his reality when he made his debut in the film industry at age four. From one of his first appearances on Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang, and after 17 years, Gorys has achieved … Continue reading ‘TREK’-ing to Hollywood North: Why filmmakers love Toronto

Stretches and scrambled tofu

BY: DELIA MACTAGGART The growing popularity of yoga and brunch culture is about more than a trend. In Toronto’s graffiti-covered, fruit market-filled, increasingly-gentrified Kensington Market, exists the calm oasis of the Hibiscus Café. It’s a short streetcar ride from Spadina station and provides health conscious brunch and treats that are appealing to yoga communities. There’s an inextricable indie element about the place. Glass jars full … Continue reading Stretches and scrambled tofu

Soca or Die: The movement and fetes taking over Toronto

BY: MURISSA BARRINGTON  In less than 72 hours, every last ticket to Dr. Jay’s Doh Cry Ah Leavin’ event is sold out. The annual event, also known as DCAL, is a sort of going away party for the award-winning DJ who travels to Trinidad every year for the island’s Carnival festivities. The fete (soca party), acts as a teaser for folks also going to Trinidad … Continue reading Soca or Die: The movement and fetes taking over Toronto


BY: SANTASIA CHANEL For Amanda Maitland, rocking her natural hair is more than a lifestyle choice. It has become an empowering way for her to embrace the simplicity and originality in her natural beauty. One way Amanda, 25, shows love to her sultry coils is through her very specific hair care routine. It’s Sunday evening and it’s time for her bi-weekly wash day. Usually, she … Continue reading DOIN’ THE DAMN THING, NATURALLY