Spelling it out: The power of witchcraft

By Michelle Rowe-Jardine

Inside the Likely General, a small general store and event space on Roncesvalles Avenue in downtown Toronto, a workshop is well underway. The facilitator, 28-year-old Sabrina Scott, passionately imbues the message of self-care upon the youthful faces that are seated around them at a kitschy, candlelit table. Looking through the large, dimly lit storefront window, it might seem like someone is leading an ordinary class — but from inside, it’s clear: this is much more magical. Continue reading “Spelling it out: The power of witchcraft”

Spoken word raises awareness on real-life issues

By Terrence Bishundayal

Amoya Reé makes her way to the front of the stage and into the spotlight. She pulls the mic stand closer and gets ready to project her voice. The audience members, gathered for the semi-finals of the Toronto Poetry Slam inside Hot Docs Cinema, quickly quiet down as they wait for the performance to begin. As the audience goes silent, Reé tastes the words to her poem. Continue reading “Spoken word raises awareness on real-life issues”

More than just ink

BY: JAHNELLE SIMPSON Back in the day, tattoos weren’t such a hot trend. Instead, it was only a popular trend amongst those who were considered “rebellious” by society. Tattoos were something people probably hid from their families and employers because it was something no wholesome or professional person indulged in. Tattoos were perceived as disgraceful, trashy, unprofessional and sinful. However, in the new millennium, some … Continue reading More than just ink

Soca or Die: The movement and fetes taking over Toronto

BY: MURISSA BARRINGTON  In less than 72 hours, every last ticket to Dr. Jay’s Doh Cry Ah Leavin’ event is sold out. The annual event, also known as DCAL, is a sort of going away party for the award-winning DJ who travels to Trinidad every year for the island’s Carnival festivities. The fete (soca party), acts as a teaser for folks also going to Trinidad … Continue reading Soca or Die: The movement and fetes taking over Toronto