Veganism becoming more popular — but are people on board for ethical reasons?

By Ross Lopes

It happened six years ago, while living in London, UK on a working holiday visa. Hilary Killam, was getting over a relationship that just wasn’t working out for her anymore, and she decided to distract herself with documentaries.

One of them was Food Inc. There was a scene in particular that stood out to Killam, where a farmer stuck their hand into the side of a cow’s stomach who was still alive in order to check something in the animal’s stomach. She remembered thinking to herself, “This can’t be standard practice, this is ridiculous.” Continue reading “Veganism becoming more popular — but are people on board for ethical reasons?”

How poutine is becoming culturally diverse

By Corey-Clayton Lobo

In Warwick, Que. in the 1950s, a customer had asked a restaurant owner if he could add cheese curds to his french fries. In that moment an iconic Canadian food was born. Fresh-cut crispy fries, squeaky cheese curds and steaming hot gravy. This is all a perfect recipe for one of Canada’s most well-known dishes: poutine.The Food Network listed poutine as one of the top 30 “most iconic Canadian food items.” However, as you can imagine, many things have changed in the poutine world since the 1950s. Continue reading “How poutine is becoming culturally diverse”

An introduction to downtown Brampton

BY: O’NIEL BLAIR Imagine a place that encompasses romanesque style buildings merging with the architecture of the modern day. From the Starbucks café clock tower motif to the garden square’s large screen, where the community occasionally gathers to watch movies, downtown Brampton is an intriguing blend of old and modern values. Often dwarfed by Toronto, which is only a 36-minute drive away, downtown Brampton has … Continue reading An introduction to downtown Brampton