Birdies and the Bears

By Steve Riccio For competitive badminton athletes, preparation for performance is as much a necessity as it is for any other high-caliber athlete. High-level muscular...

No Boarders

Ryan Vendramin was experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity. He was on the ice in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, more than 8,500 km from his home in Sault Ste. Marie.

A day in the life of a rookie all star

Meet 21-year-old all-star Adam Costanzo, standing tall at 6’5 this calm, down to earth, and humble guy, is currently a freshman at George Brown College.

Getting to know the dance teams in the OCAA

The dancers gather in a circle on the floor and rise as one like a flower blooming. Without even looking at each other, the girls synchronously do battements, standing on one leg while extending the other leg behind their bodies, spinning cobwebs with their moves to Amber Run’s haunting I Found. For Seneca both team captain Nicole MacIsaac and coach Kalene Corcoran point to the time their team invests in dance. They rehearse at the York campus for six hours every Saturday and for three hours every Tuesday. “The more we work together, the more it comes together,” Corcoran says. During one of their marathon Saturday rehearsals the team was working on different choreographies for dance competitions, volleyball and basketball halftime performances in spring. MacIsaac says that the strong relationships between her dancers make even a long rehearsal enjoyable. “Once you’ve built that relationship, you feed off each others’ energy and then together you work as a team.”

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