Our Story.

I’ve always loved words, their significance, how much longer they can be remembered than a bruise that eventually goes away. I could stare off into space, letting my imagination be my guide and have a story, often one that I’d trade reality for in a heartbeat.

However, journalism managed to bring me to a place where I do not want to leave the world, but want to change it in a good way by giving the voiceless a voice and telling the stories that need to be told.

Each and every journalist and contributor to this magazine has a voice that cannot be compared to one another. Through every stage of this magazine, I have got to not only know but like and admire those voices. Just like we all have something to add to this magazine, to make it our own, the stories in here that will be read all have the hope of adding something special to the world may it be change, passion, culture and anything in between.

Julia Vellucci