Lewis Hamilton Breaks Formula One Record

By Manan Nijhawan

Lewis Hamilton’s win at the Turkish Grand Prix on Nov. 15 saw him secure a seventh Formula One Championship, equaling him to Michael Schumacher as the most F1 Drivers Championships won.

Hamilton was born and raised in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and is the first and only Black F1 driver. He was listed as one of the 100 most influential people globally in 2020 issue of Time Magazine. He has been vocal about racial politics in the sport and has been an advocate for more diversity in Formula One.

Hamilton started his F1 journey with McLaren in 2007 and won his first ever Championship in 2008. He stayed with McLaren for four years, finally joining Mercedes in 2013 where he has won six F1 Drivers Championships in from 2014 to 2020, excluding only 2016.

Hamilton holds the record for the most Grand Prix won, with 95 wins. He also holds the record for the most pole positions and podium finishes, with 98 and 164 respectively.

Lewis Hamilton’s 92nd win at the Portuguese Grand Prix saw him overtake Schumacher’s record for the most Grand Prix wins.

Hamilton levelled Schumacher’s record at the Eifel Grand Prix and broke the record when he achieved pole position at the Portimao’s Algarve International Circuit, finally overtaking Schumacher as the driver with the most Grand Prix wins.

“I think he is the most skillful F1 driver and seven championships prove that,” said Udit Methi, an F1 enthusiast.

With Mercedes, Hamilton has 74 Grand Prix wins and 6 World Championships in the past seven years he has been with Mercedes. “Hamilton and Mercedes complement each other, making them such a successful team,” Methi said.

In 2014, with changes in the regulations, the use of turbo-hybrid engines became mandatory, resulting in two consecutive drivers for Hamilton and seven consecutive constructors’ championships for Mercedes. “There is no car in the F1 currently that can beat the Mercedes car and their dominance since the last seven years proves that,” Methi said.

The seven-time world champion could not control his emotions on winning the race as he could be heard on the team radio. In the post-race interview, Hamilton said it will take him a while to register this achievement and is something that he could only have dreamt about.

“Seven times is no joke. I don’t think there will be any driver in the future who will be able to break this record, considering how Hamilton is still going on he might end up winning more championships,” Methi said.

The 35-year-old celebrated this milestone with his father, his step-mom and Roscoe, his family dog. Hamilton will not be able to finish the season in Dubai in mid-December after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

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