sweat is the official magazine of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA). It is an award-winning magazine that is dedicated to telling stories from all perspectives of the athletic world. sweat brings you into the action of OCAA sports. It covers all areas of lifestyle, health, fitness, personal success, managing athletics with academics and most importantly an insight to the athletes themselves and the athletic departments that make up the 30 colleges within the OCAA. Sweat is written and produced by students at Humber College in their final year of the Journalism Advanced Diploma program.


The one thing that every sports roster within the OCAA has in common is the fact that every season those rosters change. Every year teams have to adjust to new faces, new skill levels and a new pace. Year to year, a team’s roster effects how well or how poorly one’s team performs for that year and every year players come and go like each passing day. Our sweat roster is no different.

We were lucky enough to have a team of skilled individuals that came together to produce something great in such a short time. We had just over five weeks to work on our stories, our layout and everything that is featured within this magazine. Athletes never stopped playing their game during the college strike and our program never stopped producing content. It just goes to show that passion trumps any obstacle that stands in the way, whether it’s battling with an injury to get back in the game or balancing academics with sports. Athletes face challenges on and off the court and sometimes the obstacles off the field are the toughest. It is about finding that drive to never give up.

Growing up I was fortunate enough to play in any sport I could get my hands on. I was a goalie in ice hockey. I was a shooting guard in basketball, a midfielder in soccer, a power in volleyball, to name a few. In other words, sports have been my life. However, I was always timid about playing while in post-secondary. I still play pick up level sports every so often, but on my own time, whereas a varsity sport consists of a little more juggling. I idolize those athletes that manage to play at the varsity level, while attending school full time, while working and while balancing a social life on top of it all. That takes immense dedication and time management skills. It has been a great experience to talk to a range of athletes and hear their stories on how they have succeeded within their sports and how they became who they are today. We all have a story and we never know who those stories may inspire.

Before journalism I wanted to be an athletic therapist or a gym teacher, so to have changed paths and find myself three years later documenting and writing about sports is a blessing. It has been an absolute honour being the editor-in-chief of this year’s edition of sweat magazine. I have worked with an amazing group of individuals that also have various backgrounds within athletics. This is the most athletic bunch of editors sweat has seen in a while and it shows.

It is always gratifying to hear what athletes have accomplished in their careers, reminiscing about the times they spent in their final seasons and remembering those that made a lasting impact. θ

Play on,

Ryann Kahler,

Editor-in-chief, sweat Magazine Spring 2018