The ‘E’ stands for exclusion

Kendryx Linscott has faced a lot of misogyny within the esports community.

Rolling Into The 21st Century

Retro roller skating is drawing newer and older generations over its nostalgic vibe.

Adapting to Accessible Sports

By Madeline Jafarnejad Lukasz Studzinski is a huge Raptors fan. He has loved them since he was 12 and wears the team jersey every time...

The Rise of Recreational Sports

By Galvin Zaldivar ampus recreation can take many forms, from mainstream sports to fitness programs. From extramural hockey to Harry Potter yoga. From indoor soccer...

Pitching For Cricket

By Nathaniel Smith It’s the 18th century New Brunswick has been separated from NovaScotia. Molson’s Brewery is founded in Montréal. And there’s some new composer named Mozart making waves in Vienna with...

Turning Up the Volume on Music Sports

By Zainab Zaman It’s almost impossible to walk into a gym and not see the majority of people wearing headphones. Music has such a massive...

A League of Our Own

By Kelvin Tran A couple of years ago, playing video games in school would have been inconceivable. Now it is considered normal, a part of...


Floorball is all about quick transitions, finesse, speed, agility and endurance, but it can also be modified depending on your age, your skill level or your competitive preference; guaranteeing all levels of play, no matter who you are.