Coach's Corner

Coach’s Corner: Megan Jacklin

By Megan Jacklin Now more than ever, we are noticing a shift in what “recreation” means to the student body. Gone are the days where...

Coach’s Corner: Jay McNeilly

By Jay McNeilly When that final horn sounded to signify a goal, it was one of the most gratifying sounds I’d ever heard. We had...

Coach’s Corner: Giving back to the community

When looking back at how my coaching career began in September of 1988; even though it seems so long ago, it’s still so very vivid in my mind.

Coach’s Corner: Spring 2017

It wasn’t until early in the eighth grade when I started playing volleyball for my local club.

Coach’s Corner: Fall 2016

By: Linda Stapleton It’s probably a good thing to have coaching experience before writing an article for “Coach’s Corner”. Does my single victory with the Seneca...