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Healthy Athletes vs. The Pandemic

The struggle to remain healthy during the pandemic has been harder than usual for varsity athletes.

Student Athlete’s Last Chance To Go-For-The-Gold

Final year student athletes hope for a last chance at the gold medal.

Sweat It Out

By Madison Raye As the colder season approaches, it is still very important to get outside and get active. Often times, people stay indoors during...

Winding down with music

Many athletes feel that music plays an important role in every level. When they train, warm up and even during competition.

No rest for the dedicated

By Michelle Rowe-Jardine Kendra Challis says she couldn’t believe it when she got a standing ovation at the Sheridan College Athletics and Recreation awards banquet...

Finding your centre

Mental health can be a struggle for student athletes across Canada. That struggle can sometimes be very damaging.

Risk and Reward

Athletes always risk injury while they play sports, even as they practice for competition. Teams like the St. Lawrence Vikings women’s basketball team losing four key members, a third of their roster, at the beginning of the year sparked a lot of conversation around injury in the OCAA, but they weren’t the only ones. Injuries are a part of an athlete’s life.

Head in the Game

As he takes out his headphones and heads to the University of Toronto-Mississauga (UTM) gym basketball court, the 6’4” Eagles number 12 forward, Zamam Khan, prepares to play against yet another college team. A voice in his head reminds him to do his best, but to remember it’s only basketball. Then the buzzer sounds telling everyone in the room the game is starting.   

Sometime’s its okay to cheat

Meet Kenny Ejim, a basketball player for the Humber Hawks. Ejim’s been cheating for a while now. He knows he shouldn’t but everything in moderation, right? Whenever he feels the moment is right he can’t keep his hands off a thick, juicy burger. Being an athlete, he must constantly eat foods that will keep him in his prime. He believes it isn’t what you eat, but when you eat that matters.

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