A Tale of Two Teammates

Two Centennial Colts teammates have a connection like no other. What started as rivals on diffrent teams has lead to a sisterhood.

Top Of The Halfpipe

Skateboarding made its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Since then, it has motivated a new generation of skaters.

Injecting Victory Back Into Varsity Sports

By: Daniel Lonic The year 2020 ushered students to virtual learning, though student-athletes weren’t as fortunate. They were left longing for motivation from team huddles...

Healthy Athletes vs. The Pandemic

The struggle to remain healthy during the pandemic has been harder than usual for varsity athletes.

Student Athlete’s Last Chance To Go-For-The-Gold

Final year student athletes hope for a last chance at the gold medal.

Winding down with music

Many athletes feel that music plays an important role in every level. When they train, warm up and even during competition.