Coach’s Corner: Spring 2017


By Curtiss Straatsma

It wasn’t until early in the eighth grade when I started playing volleyball for my local club. Little did I know, a decade later volleyball would become one of the biggest parts of my everyday life.

Throughout my 10 years of being involved in athletics I have come to learn and understand how much sport has to offer young athletes. As well as how much volleyball shaped my own life.

Two of my three older sisters played volleyball at Redeemer University College. It was by watching them throughout their time at Redeemer that I came to realize that this is where I wanted to continue my volleyball career after high school, from 2011 – 2016. Walking into the Redeemer gym, and anticipating the crowd of people that would form for each and every game day is still one of my favourite aspects of sports.It is something that opposing athlete’s even look forward to. The atmosphere and the community is simply hard to beat.

The community for me was shaped largely by my family’s commitment and support throughout our collective volleyball careers. There was not a game, either home or away, that my parents were not sitting in the crowd for. If it was not for my parents attending every game of my sister’s, I would not have been exposed to the community that I have fallen so in love with.

In the past, many people have asked why I chose Redeemer to continue my volleyball career instead of a bigger school, and the reason truly is because of the community that surrounds it.

I still remember my very first home game, getting to experience the crowd from the volleyball court rather than the stands for the first time is something you do not forget. It was this community and support that fueled my passion for volleyball further than it had ever been in the past. It gave me a drive and determination to make a difference in the Redeemer Women’s Volleyball program.

Over my five years of being a varsity volleyball player I was pushed in so many ways that helped me to develop into the person I am today. Hours of practice, long games, work outs, game plans and so much more have provided me with countless opportunities to better myself. I was able to accomplish way more than I ever thought possible. It was these experiences that have shaped my life outside of volleyball as well. Volleyball has so much to offer the individuals that are a part of the sport and this is why I pursued the opportunity to become an assistant coach for the program.

As an assistant coach, I will be able to share my love and passion for the sport, and help future Redeemer University College athletes experience the life changing opportunities I was lucky enough to have during my volleyball career.