Editor’s Note


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]thletics have always been a great driver of innovation in science and technology. As the financial incentives created at the professional level continue to grow for both players and team owners, technological advances are impacting sports on and off the fields, courts and arenas.

The use of video replay in most major sports leagues as well as goal-line technology used by FIFA show the breadth of these advances.

The training equipment and regiment an athlete uses have evolved along with the new medical knowledge. Even the food athletes eat and the patterns of their sleep are of great concern to trainers. Being an athlete is a full- time job, no matter the level.

In the sweat spring issue our roster examined progress in training and recovery, as well as areas where the science has fallen short in keeping people informed and healthy. From fitness trackers to the evolution of sneakers, this issue delves into the diverse range of technological advances that have been affecting sports, and lifestyle.

Our cover story this issue examines the taboo of menstruation in sport. Female athletes go to great lengths to control when they get their periods or try preventing them altogether. We hosted a panel discussion which was made into a documentary for our online edition.

We also tried to bring stories from a diverse spectrum of perspectives on a range of subjects. Most of all we wanted to present readers with stories that would challenge their views, and start conversations.

Our thanks go to the OCAA advisement group for giving the team the opportunity to produce the league’s flagship magazine.

Congratulations to this year’s champions across the province.

From our team to yours,
Malcolm Campbell