Humans of OCAA: Ex-Cheerleader


By: Sukh Toor

Joel Lines(Left) came out to film and support the women’s volleyball team. Teri Klassen(Right) came out to support the Saints girl while studying for mid terms at the same time. 

Q: Why was the cheer team cut?

A: J-They didn’t have enough people come out to games so they kinda dropped it.

Q: How does it feel to no longer have a varsity cheer team?

A: T-It’s pretty disappointing. I really enjoyed it. It was something to really get involved with the school and such. To have people not want to support their school and not want to show and put that kind of face up was really disappointing. 

Q: Do you enjoy watching volleyball games?

A: T-I do! Actually, he (Joel Lines) use to play on the varsity team here and I use to follow him around Ontario.

Q: Which Saints varsity team is your favourite?

A: T-I’m a little biased with the boyfriend and all. I enjoy volleyball more than I like basketball or anything like that. But the soccer team is pretty fun.