Sweatiest moment: Men’s Basketball Championships Edition


Men’s basketball championships: March 4, 2017

#17 charges in for a shot while #15 defends while avoiding a foul. Photographer: Sukh Toor.

The Bruins slacked the first half of the game, as they trailed behind the Huskies. #17 Ostap Choliy scored a total of 13 points, second  only to #33 Brian Owusu.

#22 attempts a dunk, then #8 charged in for a rebound. Photographer: Erian De Los Reyes.

#22 Ajahmo Clarke goes in for a dunk that bounced off the rim, Kevon Mascoe went in for a rebound saving Clarke’s attempt.

The Centennial Colt’s dance team put on a half time show. Photographer: Erian De Los Reyes.

Centennial’s co-ed dance team slayed as they popped and locked to the hottest jams, celebrating both teams’ efforts to the finals; the dance team earned their place in the sweatiest moment series.

.2 seconds left on the clock and the Huskies have possession of the ball. Photographer: Sukh Toor.

.2 seconds left Huskies have the ball and tried one last ditch effort to send the game in overtime. #42 Paul Williams helps block the last attempt, winning the gold medal game. Bruins 76-74.