Humans of OCAA: men’s basketball championships edition


By: Erian De Los Reyes & Sukh Toor

Sheridan student Donald Giancoulas came out to support Bruins at the final men’s basketball OCAA championship. Photographer: Erian De Los Reyes.

Q: Did you know the Bruins were going to win today?

A: I said before the season started that we were winning OCAAs’. I’ve seen them practice all year, I’ve worked with them all year. They’re a phenomenal team. It was a team of destiny this year. 

Q: How exciting was this game?

A: The whole tournament was very exhilarating. The game against Redeemer was very surprising very close, the Humber game went in over time. This game was tight the whole way it was a phenomenal tournament and the best teams came out this weekend and the best team won.


Sheridan Bruin #7 Dylan Periana won tournament MVP. Photographer: Sukh Toor. 

Q: How does it feel to win the championships?

A: It feels amazing. Feels so good. I’m happy we could get this win for these guys. I have been here before, I’ve won two championships so this is my third. For some of these guys it’s their first so I’m proud of my guys. We worked hard all season and we deserve this. 

Q: How did you practice and prepare for the championships?

A: All year our coaches had us working hard, we’re running all practices. We’d be complaining sometimes, but in the end we were able to grind out a win like this. It takes a lot of conditioning and good physical fitness to win a game like this, so I’m happy the coaches pushed us hard.

Q: What was going through your mind in those last 2 seconds?

A: Honestly, I’d seen him hit that shot. I thought the coaches were going to call timeout they didn’t call it. And I brought the ball up and knew we just needed a good shot and I know have an amazing shooting guard on the right of me and I just passed him the ball and I knew he was going to get the job done. 

Colleen Marquand, Centennial College manager of events and student recruitment, was a part of the host committee with the Centennial athletics department for the tournament. Photographer: Sukh Toor.

Q: It was such a close game. What was going through your mind during the last quarter?

A: It was very exciting. We’re kinda torn because both teams, that’s their moment. It’s exciting to cheer on a group of people who have worked so hard to get this far. It’s just very thrilling.