Where Are They Now?

A look into the lives of Humber college graduates

Ieva Lucs, Journalism Certificate, 2017

Ieva Lucs, CRD Sept 14, 2017 (David Donnelly/CBC)

Lucs graduated from Humber’s postgraduate accelerated journalism program in 2017. After landing an internship at CBC Toronto in her last year, she received a call back to work for them a couple weeks later.

Before attending Humber, Lucs was an actor for around fourteen years. She did everything from theatre to film and commercials. She was even nominated for a Canadian Screen Award. One day, after an audition for a commercial, Lucs sat down at Rooster Coffee House in Toronto and contemplated her career as an actor. She says she eventually lost her passion for the art and wanted to do something else that challenged her creatively.

“I never saw myself in daily news at all. Journalism has such a well-rounded group of skills. Your brain is activated, so is your writing, your technical side, your performance, creativity, and ideas,” she says.

Lucs says she received a lot of support with being an older student from teachers at Humber and to this day still feels their encouragement.

Lucs now works as a web and radio reporter for CBC Toronto.

Brandon-Richard Austin, Journalism Diploma, 2017

Austin graduated from Humber’s journalism diploma program in 2017 and says what he learned during his time there turned him into a “Swiss Army Knife” for the company he currently works for, a U.S. based social media business he helped create when he was in college. His role is helping manage social media profiles and websites for political commentators and lifestyle commentators.

At Humber he built his repertoire of skills like video editing, writing and WordPress knowledge which he directly transferred to his work as the needs of his company evolved. Austin also managed to pick up some lifelong friends along the way.

Advice Brandon has for upcoming graduates would be to hit the ground running after graduation and to keep up with teachers.

“Use the momentum for hard work that you’ve built up during your studies as a boost to propel you into the work force. The teachers you’ve got at Humber are likely some of the best contacts you have. Most of them are more than willing to help you, even if that help mainly consists of them helping you figure out what you want to do with your life.”

Shane Rodak, Advertising Copywriting, 2017

After completing a B.A. in English at the University of Guelph, Shane sought to round off his education by completing the advertising copywriting post-graduate program at Humber College. Upon graduating, Shane found work at an advertising agency called J. Walter Thompson. He spends most of his days creating advertising and marketing material for clients working on social media posts, billboard ads, commercials and everything in between. Shane best describes his work as solving business problems through communications.

During his time at Humber, not only did Shane hone his writing skills, but he learned a great deal about the industry he was about to enter. Learning about the agencies, the people, the politics, the work, he wouldn’t have known where to start without Humber.

Shane would say his number one piece of advice to new graduates would be to network, then network, then network some more. “I always say that my portfolio coming out of Humber was fine, but what really got me the job was my relationships with people.”

Andrew Apperley, Multimedia Design & Production, 2012

Since graduating from the Multimedia Design and Production program at Humber in 2012, Andrew Apperley has worked for many different tech companies ranging from start-ups to international companies.

For the past year and a half, he has been working as a mobile developer at Shopify in Toronto. They handle everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on the things they love. He now works on the Apps and Partner Platform where he assists partners in developing the mobile features that merchants need.

In partnership with another Humber alumni, he has also been working to grow their new business. Over the past few months, they have been creating a content management system for funeral homes. Their goal is to present online memorials in a more appealing, modern way.

The most valuable skill Apperley says he developed at Humber was how to tackle tough problems. Due to the fast-paced nature of the technology industry, he is constantly having to adapt to new skill sets and teach himself new programming languages. He says breaking down a problem and applying a pragmatic solution is something that every good developer needs to be able to do.

He would strongly advise grads to not be arrogant. “You might think you have all the skills you need, but your learning is really just the beginning. Don’t underestimate real world experience. Listen carefully and ask for help.”

Apperley is also a part of the research department at Humber, helping smaller businesses develop new products while giving students real-world context and experience.

Melissa James, Gaming Program, 2017

After graduation, Melissa started working at Ubisoft as a Generalist Programmer.  She started as an intern after placing third in Ubisoft’s NXT programming competition, and joined the team as a full-time employee in December of last year. She considers it her dream job.

Melissa attributes her success to her education at Humber.  The game programming program really pushes its students to learn and grow while surrounded by an amazing group of professors that all contributed to our education in their own way. Their instructors pushed them beyond their limits and opened so many doors for them to reach their goals upon graduation.

Her big advice to new grads is to “stay hungry”.  Always keep that hunger for your goals, and figure out how to achieve them. Take any opportunity that might remotely help you reach these goals, and keep pushing yourself to learn and grow. She says, most of all, students need to take pride in their work.


Anna Safronova, Web Design & Interactive Media, 2016

Anna is a frontend developer at Shopify, an ecommerce platform. Every day she gets a chance to collaborate with world-class professionals and work on something that impacts entrepreneurs around the globe.

Web Design & Interactive Media program has taught her many things but the one that stuck with me is practicing your craft every day will take you further than you expect. “Being consistent is the key to success.”

For future grads she says finding your first job can be hard and frustrating but don’t let this discourage anyone from trying completely new things. “Graduating from college is only a starting point in your career so don’t stop experimenting and pushing your limits.”

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