Where Are They Now?

By Zoë Pierson and Isabelle Ferrante

Where are they now? What have they done?

Humber is proud of its long list of esteemed alumni, and the Faculty of Media and Creative Arts presents alum in our annual Where Are They Now segment. This feature aims to spotlight and celebrate Humber’s recent FMCA grads from Film and Television, to Interior Design to PR who are finding success in their field.

Vanessa Esteves

Film and Television Production

Vanessa, a 2004 graduate from the Film and Television Production program at Humber, is now a Creative Supervising Producer for Nelvana. She said she feels confident in her ability to tell a story and write a script, with thanks to Humber College. Since Vanessa’s graduation, she said she has been lucky enough to work in production for both live action and animation as a producer, a content creator, a showrunner, an Executive Producer and a development lead. “I’ve had my own series greenlit and produced and was able to write on it and Co-Showrun which was an incredible experience,” she said. Vanessa said her TV series “Super Wish” is airing on YTV and Stack TV in Canada and also internationally. Vanessa said she is currently working on a short film that she wrote that focuses on the festival circuit. 

Denzel Noylander

Film and Television Production

Denzel, a recent graduate from Humbers Film & Television Production program, said he has been busy with his front-of-house assistant manager position at the Fox Theatre, located in the beaches of Toronto. Denzel said the FMTV program helped him find his bearings within a film crew. Denzel said that the program also helped familiarize him with the different roles on a set, which he said is essential to anybody looking to lead a production of their own. Denzel said his long-term goals are to one day write and direct film and scripted tv, but his short-term goals are to fully develop a few independent short films, with Humber alumni and current students as the crew. Denzel also shared that he held a student screening at the Fox Theatre recently, where students could showcase their work, alongside the movie Scott Pilgrim versus the World. He said he hopes to hold another one soon.

Jesse Glazer

Journalism (Advanced Diploma)

Jesse, a 2023 graduate from the Journalism Advanced Diploma Program at Humber College, said the program prepared him for the professional challenges he overcomes daily. Jesse said when he was looking for internships at the end of his time at Humber, he decided to take the transferable skills he learned in the program and move into public relations. Jesse now works for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment as a corporate communication and influencer relations coordinator. Jesse said he believes it is important for students to understand that just because you’re studying something doesn’t mean you’re locked into it. Jesse said he learned many transferable skills at Humber, which has supported him in the career he knows and thrives in today. The skills he learned at Humber that he holds near and dear are his research abilities, his attention to detail, and his fluent understanding of Canadian Press language. Jesse said he still feels as though he touches the news every day. 

Jevon Boreland

Film and Television Production

Jevon graduated from the Film & Television Production program in 2019 and has been making waves in reality TV ever since. Jevon has worked on hit reality TV series such as Big Brother, Slaycation, Bachelor in Paradise, and noteworthy award shows around the country. Devon said his “bread and butter is reality television”, but what he is striving for is scripted dramatic work. Jevon was excited to share that his first feature film, Welcome, has just wrapped up production. 

According to Jevon, Humber played a crucial role in his journey to his dream profession. The program’s competitive nature helped him grasp the realities of the writing and producing industry. The skills he acquired at Humber continue to be valuable in his daily work, aiding him in effectively managing, collaborating with, and directing diverse crews on set.

Avery German

Public Relations (Graduate Certificate)

Avery graduated from the Public Relations Post-grad Certificate program at Humber College in 2023. Avery now works for NATIONAL Public Relations as a coordinator in the Ottawa office. She said that Humber taught her invaluable skills of collaboration and helped to refine her writing abilities. Avery said that Humber helped her realize her full potential, and assisted her in narrowing down her interests in the professional field of PR. Avery said she is thankful for the amazing connections she was able to make through Humber, and is still in very close contact with many of her classmates, as they celebrate their new milestones together. Avery said she is thankful for what she has been able to accomplish so far at NATIONAL, working alongside experienced and talented coordinators, and looks forward to continuous growth in her role.

Scott McLaughlin

Journalism (Graduate Certificate)

Scott graduated from the Humber Journalism post-grad certificate program in 2023, and is now working as a producer and line writer at Global News for their national team. Scott said he has been able to be involved in interviews with Olympic gold medalists, federal ministers, and people in warzones. Scott said Humber College  provided him with foundational support he needed to thrive in the position he has today. Scott said his favourite part of studying at Humber was that the program allowed him to be hands-on. Scott said the program supplied him with experience, publishing weekly newspapers and creating a daily TV show, that transcended the classroom. Scott said that Humber also taught him adaptability. He said throughout the program, Humber threw him into so many different situations that he had to learn to act quickly, and how to be prepared for anything. He said this now proves invaluable for his career. 

Claire Formossa

Bachelor of Interior Design

After graduating from the Bachelor of Interior Design program in 2018, Claire Formosa has developed herself in the industry. She is currently working at Studio ck, a design company directed towards retail, hospitality, and exclusive residential interiors. During her time at Humber, she learned skills that would soon be prevalent in her work. She said the best skills she learned were professionalism, and digital. She learned 2D and 3D softwares in order to bring her ideas to life. In the future she hopes to grow in the design field, that includes taking an exam officially indicated as an interior designer. 

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