Photography Portfolio

In every issue of Convergence, we highlight the portfolio pieces of Humber College media students.

For this assignment, second year photography students learn both high key and low key lighting styles for portraiture. High key lighting results in a brightly lit image with less shadows, while low key lighting is darker and moodier. Students are encouraged to explore storytelling and the moods associate with each lighting style.

The image was conceived with the motif of the words Spring, Fall, Nature and the colour that suits everyone.

Kimberly Patrocinio

Combined with black, gold is the colour of wealth and luxury. When you think of luxury, a black couple is not the first image that comes to mind. Gold also describes love, wisdom, and magic. I wanted to give the couple a proper representation and show their love for each other.

I got inspiration through instagram when I saw someone photograph some rolls of film that were floating in between their hands. I thought it was really cool and wanted to create something in my own style.

Fedir Ovechkin

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