Sweat It Out

By Madison Raye As the colder season approaches, it is still very important to get outside and get active. Often times, people stay indoors during...

Breaking Records

By Sean Marco Records are meant to be broken. Some are easily surpassed while others stay untouched for years. With athletes evolving and getting better,...

From Hockey Hero to Education Leader

It was winter 1970 when Gerard Peltier picked up his first stick and put on his first pair of skates, unaware of a future in hockey that would stretch far beyond his imagination and the backyard pond he learned to play on.

Soccer: Indoor vs Outdoor

In the 2018/2019 season Humber won the OCAA indoor soccer championship, while Durham College won the outdoor championship, a real testament to the difference between the two sports.

Life as a Dual-Sport Athlete: Bobby Buck

By Trevor Oattes Bobby Buck starts his morning with stretching and a foam roller, digging into sore muscles so that he can put them through...

Life as a Dual-Sport Athlete: Rachel Streekstra

Rachel Streekstra is one of those rare dual-sport athletes from Loyalist college who has dedicated her time to playing two varsity sports, rugby and volleyball.

Going for the green

Playing the game of golf competitively takes practice, coordination, focus and — most importantly — money.

Off the bench: Cameron Brennan

It took me three years of trying out for varsity golf to make it onto the Humber Hawks team.

Off the bench: Daniella Grant

After I played my first game of rugby, I fell in love with the sport. I told my parents that I didn’t want to play soccer anymore.

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