Highlights of the OCAA varsity season

As the season comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the hurricane of wild upsets and turbulent victories that comes with playing in the OCAA.

Me, Myself and I

Athletes often play as part of a team. They’re part of a group, a collective unit that’s striving for a common goal.

St. Clair’s dynasty on the diamond

A former pitching ace for the St. Clair Saints men’s baseball team, Breitner accumulated over 300 strikeouts in his OCAA pitching career.

Jim Nemish: Living Legend

Nemish’s career winning percentage of .753 is one of the highest in Canadian collegiate softball history.

Ruck me up rugby style

Women’s rugby does see less contact than men’s rugby in the OCAA. However, playing sevens means there’s roughly half the people to share the ball with

Talkin’ inside Volleyball

Surely at any sports event, hearing players throw around words like tuna, penetration and deep-dish, spectators would think they’re speaking a foreign language. From a sport that used to be called Mintonette, it is understandable that the jargon and descriptions of the rules be just as unique. Volleyball was created by William Morgan of the YMCA and is played all over the world in gyms, parks and beaches. It’s also the fifth most popular sport in the world, having over 800 million players.


Floorball is all about quick transitions, finesse, speed, agility and endurance, but it can also be modified depending on your age, your skill level or your competitive preference; guaranteeing all levels of play, no matter who you are.

Grappling with the future

Wrestling and track would seem to be one of the forefront sports in the OCAA with its popularity at the secondary school level, but surprisingly for some it is not. At the OCAA level, aside from cross country during the fall, the winter’s track and wrestling season comes to a screeching halt.

Leading The Pack

It’s the end of a cross country season at the final competition and Fanshawe’s Jordan Kadlecik is entering his final kilometre. He’s been trailing the two leaders for the majority of the race. The sweat is dripping down his face, muscles screaming. As the course straightens out he realizes he isn’t as far away from his competition as he thought.

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