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  • Offside

    Know when to fold’em

    As the steel cutter tore into Ryan Gillis-Bateman’s knee, his brain blocked out the pain....

  • Lifestyle & Health

    No rest for the dedicated

    By Michelle Rowe-Jardine Kendra Challis says she couldn’t believe it when she got a standing...

  • Varsity

    Me, Myself and I

    Athletes often play as part of a team. They’re part of a group, a collective...

  • Offside

    Chirping’s for the birds

    By Kit Kolbegger Smack talk. Chirping. Trash talk. It has many names, and it happens...

  • Lifestyle & Health

    Finding your centre

    Mental health can be a struggle for student athletes across Canada. That struggle can sometimes...

  • Offside

    Feel the burn

    FireFit is usually reserved for those whose full-time job is firefighting, but in the city...

  • Varsity

    St. Clair’s dynasty on the diamond

    A former pitching ace for the St. Clair Saints men’s baseball team, Breitner accumulated over...

  • Varsity

    Jim Nemish: Living Legend

    Nemish’s career winning percentage of .753 is one of the highest in Canadian collegiate softball...

  • Varsity

    Ruck me up rugby style

    Women’s rugby does see less contact than men’s rugby in the OCAA. However, playing sevens...

  • Features

    Athlete by nature, cheerleader by choice

    Fanshawe is only college in Ontario that offers their students cheerleading as a sport.